Monday, September 8, 2008

To move or not to move - that is the question!

I would say that the biggest news with us lately is that we are uncertain how much longer we want to be in Chicago. Although this is such a great city, we feel like we'll be stuck in a renters and commuting rut until the end of eternity! The idea of moving back to Milwaukee has come up more than once. Not only is it much cheaper to live there, but we will have an incredible amount of support from family. We are going to keep thinking and praying about it some more but in the mean time, if anyone knows of any great Graphic design positions - email us! The biggest factor in us moving is Ted getting a job(as he would be leaving a great one behind).

Honeymoon in Mexico!

After much debate, careful research, and a whole lotta prayer - we were finally able to take our honeymoon! We decided on the Valentin Imperial Maya Resort in the Riviera Maya, which was an adult only, all-inclusive PARADISE! Getting to spend 4 days together really allowed us to reconnect and focus on just loving each other! We were also able to dodge(due to a whole lotta prayer from family and friends) Tropical storm Gustav and really soaked in the sun and beautiful weather. Careful note to anyone vacationing to Mexico soon - bring extra sunscreen! We were forced to buy the cheapest bottle available for $25 bones after my spray on sunblock decided to just quit working! Also - I was able to brush up on my rather poor Spanish with the help of a very friendly bartender, Franqui! I remembered more than I thought and think I even impressed my husband a little :) Also - a HUGE thank you to Ted's Grammie and Mum who financially made this honeymoon possible!

Two became One on July 12, 2008!

We chose to get married in a rather private ceremony in front of our immediate families and best friends to keep things simple and intimate. From start to finish, we were able to capture our dream of having a romantic and fun wedding! We are so delighted to have taken this step together in life!